Toward Strategic Action on All Fronts

One of the very important aspects of the meetings coming up this week will be the simple fact of people’s movements gathering to talk to each other and build strategies without interference from governments, without the immediate distraction of negotiations, and with an agenda set largely by themselves. Of course, In any gathering where weContinue reading “Toward Strategic Action on All Fronts”

From Thirty Thousand Feet Above Mother Earth

En route to Bolivia – that is, somewhere 30,000 feet above Mother Earth – I crossed paths with Alberto Saldamando, the legal council for the International Indian Treaty Council, and a member of the Indigenous Environmental Network delegation to the Cochabamba climate summit. As we stood in the aisle of the airplane, raising the hacklesContinue reading “From Thirty Thousand Feet Above Mother Earth”

Climate Summit in Cochabamba

Global Justice Ecology Project will be working with Jeff Conant, an award winning journalist, as a media liaison to deliver daily news from the World Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth on April 19th – April 22nd in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Please check our blog daily for the latest on thisContinue reading “Climate Summit in Cochabamba”