Bestiary for the End Times

Yunnan Lake Newt (Yunnan Lake, China)
The long reach of the jungle
in the orchid the silent shadow
in the fig wasp the future’s wet flower
in the human world how many words for want?
in what future the flower’s desiccated blossom
is inflamed, driving through the wild
cataracts of falling hemlocks and spruces
cataracts of Chinese cities sliding into mud
driving through the silent shadow
of the imperial rain polluted with the long reach
of chemical wants of nectar wants of extinct, endangered wants
In what long future the fig wasp
pollinates and pollinates through the flower’s dream tunnel
the honey bee fills her pockets with gold dust
the Yunnan Lake Newt smiles and licks his lips
in the jungle shadow the silent orchid
the future’s wet flower drives through the wild inflamed
in the long reach of falling imperial blossoms
the Yunnan Lake Newt licks his lips and smiles.
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