Menagerie in Cancun: Of Snakes, Rats, and a Trojan Horse

Cross-posted from Global Exchange At COP 16 this week, the tone has been tense and difficult, both inside the negotiations at Cancun’s opulent Moon Palace, and on the margins where social movements, NGO’s, and indigenous peoples’ groups have gathered to raise their voices in opposition to the increasingly crushing decisions of global elites. After lastContinue reading “Menagerie in Cancun: Of Snakes, Rats, and a Trojan Horse”

Biofuels Fallacy: Why Burning Plants Instead of Fossil Fuels Won’t Save the Climate

My most recent piece on Alternet: an interview with Jim Thomas of ETC Group, who has just published a new report on the emerging bioeconomy. — Jeff C. The quest to replace black fuels with green fuels is just another resource and land grab by big corporations. While there is no doubt that we needContinue reading “Biofuels Fallacy: Why Burning Plants Instead of Fossil Fuels Won’t Save the Climate”

The Doomsday Machine and the Race to Save the World: Geoengineering Emerges as Plan B at the 11th Hour

By Jeff Conant, AlterNet With the pending expiration of the Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period in 2012, the widely decried failure of last year’s climate talks in Copenhagen, and the next set of U.N. climate negotiations to take place in Cancun, Mexico in less than six weeks, the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), meetingContinue reading “The Doomsday Machine and the Race to Save the World: Geoengineering Emerges as Plan B at the 11th Hour”

Rural cities in Chiapas: Government plundering the peasantry

Note: Having just returned home from five weeks touring A Poetics of Resistance, many people have asked me what’s happenibg right now in Chiapas, and with the Zapatistas. While there are many things “happening,” one worth paying close attention to, as part of Plan Mesoamerica, is detailed in the report below from the respected ChiapanecContinue reading “Rural cities in Chiapas: Government plundering the peasantry”

Poetics of Resistance Roadshow Rolls On

I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks now, from Philadelphia to Buffalo to Ithaca to Vermont to NYC, where my last event was held at Bluestocking Books. In Vermont, CCTV recorded my talk. Meanwhile, back in the Bay Area, KPFA aired an interview I about the book before hitting the road. And website DissidentContinue reading “Poetics of Resistance Roadshow Rolls On”

Pushing for Climate Justice on Buffalo’s West Side

Buffalo, New York is the quintessential rust belt metropolis. With a population lower today than it was in 1900, Buffalo is the third poorest U.S. city of over 250,000 people (following Detroit and Cleveland), with more than a quarter of the city living below the poverty line. And, like Detroit and Cleveland, even as Buffalo’s job market hits rock bottom, its share of community gardens, neighborhood revitalization projects, and adventurous urban initiatives, is on the rise.

Observations from the Road: Philadelphia

As I travel to give presentations from A Poetics of Resistance, I’ll be updating this blog with brief observations, that are, in one way or another, relevant to the themes of the book and the related work. Here, then, is dispatch number one: In Phillie, I had a terrific event at Wooden Shoe Books, aContinue reading “Observations from the Road: Philadelphia”

A Poetics of Resistance goes on the road…..

I’ll be presenting A Poetics of Resistance, with readings, talks, and in conversation with allied organizations, in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic this August and September. Watch this blog for details and updates…. Author Appearances 8.27: Philadelphia: Wooden Shoe Books, 7 PM 8.30: Buffalo: Hallwalls, 7 PM 9.7: Ithaca, NY: Cornell U, 4:30 PM 9.9: Burlington,Continue reading “A Poetics of Resistance goes on the road…..”

What the Zapatistas Can Teach us About the Climate Crisis

I recently wrote this article for Foreign Policy in Focus; It’s been posted as well on TruthOut, Upside Down World, Toward Freedom, and CommonDreams. — jc With their 1994 battle cry, “Ya basta!” (“Enough already!”) Mexico’s Zapatista uprising became the spearhead of two convergent movements: Mexico’s movement for indigenous rights and the international movement against corporate globalization.Continue reading “What the Zapatistas Can Teach us About the Climate Crisis”