Great review of Poetics of Resistance on Amazon

Since my new book, A Poetics of Resistance, has only been out three weeks, I don’t expect a lot of reviews to appear in short order. But one reader has already posted an embarrassingly laudatory review on Amazon. So, while I’d prefer folks buy the book directly from AK Press, it’s worth having a look at what they say on Amazon.

Published by Jeff Conant

Writer, social and ecological justice advocate, world traveler, family-man, gardener, bee-keeper, baker & tender of life in all her fine forms. Here on The Watering Hole you will find my books, both published, unpublished and in progress, my photographs and artwork, and my short (and long) essays and ruminations here in the late stages of the anthropocene as humanity struggles to turn away from millenia of destruction toward a future of co-existence with all creation…or not.

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