My work


These days I work for Friends of the Earth, a great, hard-hitting environmental campaign organization, where my job is to campaign to protect forests and forest people’s rights. But, over the years, my work has focused in these areas:

* Developing popular education materials (like the 2014 Community Action Guide to the Asian Development Bank, the booklet Mercury and Community Health in Northern California, or like the War Profiteers Card Deck)

* Popular educational training and workshop facilitation for community resilience

* Media outreach, strategic messaging and communications consulting (I’ve worked a lot with Design Action Collective to provide full-service messaging and design for newsletters and other organizational and movement vehicles, and maintain up-to-date media lists for press outreach.

* Reporting and documentation (as in this video)

* Editing, editorial consulting, copy writing, proofreading, and Spanish-English translation (Changing the Flow is an example of a booklet I edited, as is Free Land)

Organizations I’ve worked with include:

  • Center for Environmental Health/Generation Green
  • Corpwatch
  • Design Action Collective
  • ETC Group
  • Estamos (Mozambique)
  • Food & Water Watch
  • (GAIA) Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
  • Global Exchange
  • Global Justice Ecology Project
  • Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
  • Hesperian Foundation
  • IDEX
  • Indigenous Environmental Network
  • International Accountability Project
  • International Indian Treaty Council
  • International Rivers
  • La Via Campesina
  • Other Worlds/Otros Mundos
  • Peoples Health Movement
  • Pesticide Action Network
  • Reclaiming Public Water Network
  • Red VIDA (Latin America)
  • Ruckus Society
  • SARAR Transformacion (Mexico)
  • SpeakOut
  • Story of Stuff Project
  • Transnational Institute
  • UN Development Programme

For inquiries, contact me at: jefeconant (a)

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