A Poetics of Resistance goes on the road…..

I’ll be presenting A Poetics of Resistance, with readings, talks, and in conversation with allied organizations, in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic this August and September. Watch this blog for details and updates….

Author Appearances

8.27: Philadelphia: Wooden Shoe Books, 7 PM

8.30: Buffalo: Hallwalls, 7 PM

9.7: Ithaca, NY: Cornell U, 4:30 PM

9.9: Burlington, Vermont: CCTV, 6:30 PM, hosted by Burlington College, with Toward Freedom, Global Justice Ecology Project and Upside Down World

9.10: Hinesburg, Vermont (Global Justice Ecology Project annual celebration)

9.11: Montpelier, Vermont:  Black Sheep Books, 7 PM.

9.13: New York City: Bluestocking Books, 7 PM

9.15: New York City: Bowery Poetry Club, 6 PM

9.20/9.21: Asheville, North Carolina: Firestorm Books, 7 PM (First night Poetics of Resistance, second night, A Community Guide to Environmental Health)

9.23: Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Internationalost Books, 7 PM

9.25: Baltimore: Baltimore Book Festival

9.28: Johns Hopkins University, Latin American Studies Department, 12:00 to 1:15pm, Maryland Hall 217, Homewood campus, 3400 N. Charles St. 21218

9.28: Washington DC: Busboys and Poets, 6:30-8 PM, in conversation with Institute for Policy Studies

9.29: Amherst, MA: Food for Thought Books, 7 PM

9.30: Boston, MA: The SmartMeme Design Studio, 7 PM, in conversation with Doyle Canning of SmartMeme

10.6: Berkeley, CA: Pegasus Books, 7 PM

Published by Jeff Conant

Writer, social and ecological justice advocate, world traveler, family-man, gardener, bee-keeper, baker & tender of life in all her fine forms. Here on The Watering Hole you will find my books, both published, unpublished and in progress, my photographs and artwork, and my short (and long) essays and ruminations here in the late stages of the anthropocene as humanity struggles to turn away from millenia of destruction toward a future of co-existence with all creation…or not.

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